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U.S. Patent No. D537,712

presenting the all-in-one replacement for the
traditional countercard, sweepstakes entry
or ballot box and header card: simplesweeps!
printed and shipped flat, its clean,
contemporary profile and stability belie
its low cost. and like every simplestand, inc.
design, it can be customized to whatever
extent is necessary. it’s simply unique.

The simplesweeps is a proprietary design of Simplestand, Inc. and has been granted U.S. Patent No. D537,712.

Typically the simplsweep entry box is produced in full color as a custom display.

The simple sweep sweepstake box has a stock display application in the industry.

Dress up a stock simplesweeps ballot box with a four color printed label for added impact.

Simplesweeps ballot box is a stable one piece counter display.

The simplesweeps sweepstake box is a corrugated display that ship flat.

The one piece, ship flat design of the simplesweep entry box makes kit pack easy.

The simplesweeps box allow for an entry pad or tear off pad to be attached to the ballot box.

Combine the entry pad with the simplesweeps ballot box for easy pack out and shipping.

Simplesweep ballot box and sweepstake box can be sized for any sweepstake application.

Great for drop in business card drawings.

The design of the simplesweeps ballot box allows easy set up in store.

Simplesweeps are green display and should be recycle after use.

There are many corrugated stock display, but none better than the simplesweep ballot box.

The one piece fold flat simplesweeps saves warehousing and shipping dollars as compared to formed acrylic ballot box.

The custom corrugated simplesweeps with not break or crack like an acrylic ballot box display.


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simplestand®, simplepocket™,simplesweeps™, simplecenter™, simpleframe™ and simplecard™ displays and the simplestand® concept are unique, proprietary designs and products. they are only available from simplestand®. accept no substitutes. simplestand®, inc. will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents and product designs by all legal means. ’nuff said.