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U.S. Patent No. 7,182,305 & No. 7,537,193

our flagship product is the simplestand,
a proprietary take-one literature holder.
the value of the simplestand design lies
in its versatility, cost-effectiveness and,
dare we repeat ourselves, its utter
simplicity. simplestand is custom-printed
for maximum impact and the integrated
self-adjusting pocket securely holds your
coordinating literature. simplestand ships
flat for easy distribution. it's incredibly
easy to assemble and remarkably stable,
even with its small footprint.
it's that simple.

All simplestand products adhere to green display practices.

At simplestand we are concerned with good environmental practice and encourage our customers to recycle simplestand literature holder.

The simplestand literature holder is not your usual corrugated stock display.

The simplestand is a corrugated display made from bleach white microflute.

Turn the simplestand from a stock retail display to a customized display by adding a label you print yourself.

The versatile nature of simplestand is that is can also be used as a stock display.

As a one piece literature holder simplestand is superior and has full color and four color litho printed label.

The one piece design of the simplestand makes in store set up easy.

The simplestand allows you to blend the graphic design of the brochure and the stand.

With simplestand you can match the brochure to the stand.

The easy to assemble instructions are printed on the bottom of the simple stand.

The custom printed label on the simplestand is designed to match the coordinating literature.

And the 4 color litho printing provides maximum visual impact.

Simplestand is a utility patent granted U.S. Patent No. 7,182,305 and owned by Simplestand, Inc.

Simplestand are perfect solution for promotional products like calendar and note card give a way.

Simplestand make a perfect greeting card display.

simple stand is a patented custom literature display.

The simplestand brochure holder will not scratch like plastic literature holder.

The simplestand take one literature stand will not break like acrylic holder.

Simplestand a new type of take-one literature holder is truly unique. And will securely hold any brochure with visual impact.

The simple stand literature holder will not crack or break like conventional acrylic literature holder.

Unlike acrylic or plastic literature holder that are bulky to ship simplestand ship flat.

Acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder are expensive and don't have the benefit of a self adjusting pocket.

The integrated pocket of the simple stand is preferred by graphic designers.

Simplestand literature holder provide a custom fit for the literature load that cannot be matched by acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder.

Simplestand brochure holder with reduce cost by reducing warehousing space as compared to acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder.

Simplestand literature holder are more versatile that acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder.

Simplestand literature holder is a perfect solution for pharmaceutical advertising literature.

Small footprint of simplestand literature holder is perfect for banking industry, pharmaceutical industry, retail display and marketing application.

Simplestand literature holder is less expensive than acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder.

Simplestand literature holder is a more creative and innovative counter display

Simplestand literature holder will always look fresh and clean unlike acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder that will chip and fingerprint over time.

With Simple Stand you don't worry about taped on plastic pockets again, simplestand literature holder has an integrated pocket.


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simplestand®, simplepocket™,simplesweeps™, simplecenter™, simpleframe™ and simplecard™ displays and the simplestand® concept are unique, proprietary designs and products. they are only available from simplestand®. accept no substitutes. simplestand®, inc. will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents and product designs by all legal means. ’nuff said.