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U.S. Patent Numbers D579,235 and D579,236 plus other patents pending

the simplepocket literature holder gives simple a whole new meaning. it’s a perfect display solution for small items like business cards and wallet schedules to bulky materials like saddle-stitched booklets. and simplepocket provides loads of billboard space for your messaging. like its cousin the simplestand, the simplepocket’s one-piece design is custom printed for greatest impact, ships flat with its literature and is a snap to assemble. call us to see which of our literature holders is right for you.

The simplepocket literature holder is a patent pending design of Simplestand, Inc.

The corrugated material used to manufacture the simplepocket makes this literature holder lightweight and easy to ship.

The one piece, fold flat simplepocket make pack out programs cost effective

The simplepocket literature holder ship flat with literature to make pack-out easy.

The simplepocket literature holder is a very adaptable corrugated stock display.

The simplepocket is best used as a custom display.

The simple pocket literature holder is perfect for holding a heavy product load.

The simplepocket brochure holder is a great solution for holding a small product load like a business card.
The patent pending simplepocket with its integrated literature pocket is typically manufactured with a full litho label in four color printing, ideal for pharmaceutical advertising.

The full color printing of the simplepocket literature holder allows for greastest graphic impact.

Four color printing showcases your products properly with simplepocket .

The simple pocket brochure holder is sturdy enough to hold a booklet and very bulky load.

The durable simplepocket take one is made of bleached white microflute.

The simplepocket take-one is a corrugated display that is easy to assemble in-store.

The small footprint of the simplepocket take one is perfect for retail display applications.

The simplepocket is a stock display that ship flat.

The one piece design of the simplepocket literature holder is custom printed for greatest impact.

The advantage of the one-piece simplepocket brochure holder is that is has an integrated pocket for literature.

Take your simplepocket stock display and customize it by adding your own printed label.

The simplepocket can be utilized as a stock display.

The simple pocket brochure holder is a custom display design for use as a counter display.

Simplepocket is ideal for retail counter display application.

Simplepocket literature holder is a perfect display solution for pharmaceutical advertising and marketing.

Simplepocket literature holder provides a new twist for brochure display and rack card

Pharmaceutical literature has bulky fold the simplepocket literature holder design accommodates unusual fold easily.

As a custom display simple pocket provides lots of billboard space for graphic design.

Simplepocket literature holder is superior to acrylic literature holder and will not crack if dropped.

The simple pocket literature holder is custom design to properly fit the literature being displayed for maximum visual impact.

Simplepocket is very easy to assemble ensuring in-store success

Simplepocket literature holder ship flat, unlike bulky acrylic or plastic holder that ship formed.

Like the simplestand literature holder the simplepocket literature holder is custom printed and is a one piece design.

Product graphics and stand graphics can coordinate and seamlessly blend with both the simplepocket and the literature it holds.

Simplepocket literature holder is superior to the traditional acrylic literature holder because it will not chip or break.

Simplepocket literature holder is a new twist on the traditional take-one literature holder types of display.

Simple Pocket literature holder provide more billboard space for advertising copy than acrylic literature holder or plastic literature holder

The integrated pocket of the simplepocket literature holder is unique and versatile

Simplepocket is the best custom counter display solution,

Environmentally sound manufacturing practice has always been important to simplepocket display.

Simplepocket promotes green display practices.

We expect all simplepocket literature holder customers recycle the product after useful life.


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simplestand®, simplepocket™,simplesweeps™, simplecenter™, simpleframe™ and simplecard™ displays and the simplestand® concept are unique, proprietary designs and products. they are only available from simplestand®. accept no substitutes. simplestand®, inc. will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents and product designs by all legal means. ’nuff said.