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U.S. Patent No. D534,360

ah, simplicity comes to the picture frame or
change-out countercard. now you can feature
just about any graphic image, large or small,
accompanied by your brand message. even
when your imagination runs wild, the unique
design approach of simplestand, inc. products
will let you bring your idea to life while
you keep your life simple.

Simpleframe is a patented design of Simplestand, Inc. and holds U.S. Patent No. D534,360.

Unlike a digital picture frame, simpleframe is thin and can be placed in your scrap book or memory book

Most simple frame are produced in four color with a coating to prevent fingerprint marking.

The simpleframe can be manufactured as a stock display.

Simpleframe is manufactured by mounting a full color litho label to thin corrugated material.

Use simpleframe as an art frame for your child special drawing

The simpleframe can be used effectively as a change out counter card

Consider simpleframe for a give a way at any fund raising event

At your next celebrity photo appearance enhance your brand with simpleframe picture frame

The simpleframe picture frame is a universal frame so that it can be used both portrait and landscape orientation.

Simpleframe picture frame is very thin and will fit neatly into your scrapbook without added bulk

Simpleframe picture frame is perfect for hobbyist who enjoy scrap booking.

The scrapbooking enthusiast will enjoy decorating the simpleframe picture frame or simply coloring the simpleframe picture frame with crayon, marker or paint.

Decorating a Simpleframe picture frame is a great activity for birthday parties, senior center activity time, scouting troop activities, day camp activity time.

Simpleframe is perfect for children craft project

Capture vacation memories with simpleframe picture frame.

Decorating simpleframe picture frames are a perfect family travel activity

Decorate a simpleframe picture frame and send it as a special holiday greeting card for Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day or any other holdiay

Your decorate simpleframe project will be the envy of American Greetings and Hallmark

A decorate simpleframe picture frame makes a fun place card holder for any special event

Celebrate your child birthday, send a picture to grandma in the simpleframe picture frame

Preserve that special drawing and place in a simpleframe art frame.

The simpleframe is a great way to preserve those school pictures.


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simplestand®, simplepocket™,simplesweeps™, simplecenter™, simpleframe™ and simplecard™ displays and the simplestand® concept are unique, proprietary designs and products. they are only available from simplestand®. accept no substitutes. simplestand®, inc. will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents and product designs by all legal means. ’nuff said.