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it’s an ingenious solution to an age-old
problem (well, as old as tires, anyway):
how to merchandise effectively using the
space in the center of the tire? previous tire
insert designs were clumsy, expensive,
size-specific and difficult to install and
switch. the simplecenter tire center is
sleek, simple, snug-fitting on multiple tire
sizes, durable, and a cinch to install and
move from tire-to-tire. for tire display,
it’s simply perfect.

The simplecenter tire display insert holds U.S. Patent No. 7,269,917 and is owned by Simplestand, Inc.

The face of the simplecenter tire display insert can be made of corrugated material and affixed to our plastic backer.

Simplecenter tire display insert will not sag and will stay snugly in place in your tire

Select from our inventory of simplecenter stock display tire insert.

Dress up your showroom with a custom simplcenter tire display for your tire center.

The stock display program from Simplecenter is affordable for anyone who sells tires.

An example of the range of tire size is the 18 inch tire display will fit tire size 15, 16 and 17 inch tire size

Each snug fitting simplecenter tire display insert will fit multiple tire size

Independent tire dealer will appreciate the durable nature of the simplecenter tire display insert.

Car dealer, tire warehouse, tire manufacture, independent tires dealer will boost sales by using simplecenter tire display insert.

Simplecenter tire display insert can be used indoor or outdoor.

As an outdoor tire display, the simple center tire display insert is made out of durable, fade resistant styrene.

As an indoor display only the face of the simplecenter tire display insert can be a full color litho printed paperboard affixed to our patented plastic backer.

Simplecenter tire display is durable and can be moved from tire to tire

Simplecenter tire display insert are now displayed in Big O Tire stores.

Stop in the see simplecenter tire center display in Tire Kingdom nation wide

Simplecenter tire center display enhance National Tire and Battery showrooms

Goodyear Tire is now using simplecenter tire display inserts

Firestone Tire will be considering using Simple Ccenter tire display insert

Sumitomo tire has been successfully using simplecenter tire display inserts for many years.

Cooper Tire appreciates the snug fitting quality of simplecenter tire display insert

The patented simplecenter backer makes our tire center unbeatable.

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