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the ultimate countercard display.
you‘ll never have to worry about taped-on easel backs falling off the simplecard. our integrated double-wing easel ensures a stable and perfectly pitched display. add some tear-off pads and you have a winner.
what could be simpler than that?

The simplecard counter card is printed in full color for maximum graphic impact.

The simplecard easel back counter card is manufactured using corrugated micro flute and is completely recycle.

The one piece integrated easel simplecard adheres to green display practices.

Unlike acrylic display the full color printed label of the simplecard eliminates the need to print a slip in sheet for the counter card.

The simplecard counter card will not break if dropped like plastic display will.

The integrated easel back of the simplecard counter card display is perfectly pitched at the proper angle.

Never worry about taped on double-wing easel falling off with the simplecard counter card display.

The single-wing easel is just as effective on the simplecard display card.

Our simple card easel back counter display is perfect for any in-store application.

The simple card counter card can be made with an integrated double wing easel or an integrated single wing easel.

Simplecard counter card display is as durable as it is stable.

It is easy to add a tear off pad to the simplecard counter display.

A tear-off pad or entry pad can be kitted with the simplecard counter card.

The one piece simplecard with easel will ship flat for easy kit pack applications.

Simplecard is the ultimate one piece display card with easel.

The Simple Card with stand up to the rigors of the in-store display market.

Unlike the acrylic or plastic stands the simplecard easel can be produced with a satin finish to reduce glare.

The simplecard easel backed counter card can be produced as a stock display and then customized by adding a printed label.

The simplecard is typically produced as a custom counter display.


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